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PT. Alter Trade Indonesia (PT. ATINA) is a Processor & Exporter of Frozen Shrimps and Seafood Product.

PT. Alter Trade Indonesia, was established by Alter Trade Japan, Inc. (www.altertrade.co.jp ) which has social NGO based of Japanese importer and engaged in a unique “People to People” trade in developing world handling “eco-food”.

1991   Aquaculture survey conducted by Alter Trade Japan, Inc. (ATJ)
1992 ATJ starts importing eco-shrimp products from Sidoarjo and Gresik area
1992  ATJ developed partnership with Local Processor to process eco-shrimps.
1998 ATJ developed partnership with Warehouse suppliers to consolidate collection of shrimps from smaller warehouses.
2000  ATJ opened an representative office in Indonesia 
2001  Initial Inspection by Naturland for Organic Certification ( http://www.naturland.de )
2002  Organic certification by Naturland, Germany
2003  - ATJ dissolved partnership with Warehouse suppliers
  - PT. Alter Trade Indonesia (ATINA) was established, replacing ATJ's representative office in Indonesia.
  - ATINA developed partnership with Kurnia Agroraha, a shrimp hatchery in Situbondo, East Java.
 2004  - ATINA laboratory established 
  - ATINA supported establishment of KPTOS [Local Shrimps Farmer Groups] and developed partnership.


- ATINA establish processing factory in January. Processing operation commenced

  - ATINA established new eco-shrimp operation in Sulawesi (Celebes)
  - ATINA dissolved partnership with Local Processor due to Establishment of ATINA's processing factory  

- ATINA developing partnership with Taiwan Technical Mission to Indonesia [TTM] to conduct research and supply organic shrimp fries to ATINA registered members.

  - ATINA establishes demonstration pond units.

- ATINA exploring export possibilities to US market with Fair Trade label 


- New fertiliser factory producing liquid fertiliser, bokashi and compost 

  - 3 new juvenile shrimp production ponds in Gresik for supply to Sidoarjo organic project 
  - Expansion of trial/demonstration pond to 10 ponds (105 ha) 

- More sampling procedures including tests for microbiological and heavy metal at shrimp pre-harvest and final packing 

  - Establishment of new local based NGO called OCeAN to help in socialising ATINA’s environmental conservation vision to local people by providing real alternative, e.g. manufacturing of bio-degradable soap and the fertilisers mentioned above. 
 2008 - Stop Organic certification from Naturland, Germany (May, 2008) and continue membership system with organic system for traditional ponds. For make sure the system, Inspection do with direct consumer to production area.
  - ATINA eco-shrimp operation in Sulawesi move to new location at Suppa, Sout of Sulawesi.
 2009 - Starting Milkfish Processing for Japanese buyer, as new type of ATINA product. 
  - Establish ATINA Own Hatchery in Situbondo, East Java (Sep, 2009). With purpose to support ATINA shrimp farmers member productivity by using no use antibiotic hatchery production of post larva. 
  - Together with expertise from Indonesian Fishery Department (BBPAP Jepara), ATINA establishing pond research and development in Sidoarjo with purpose to find alternative solution for increasing productivity tradisional pond (oct, 2009).
 2010 Starting new location for eco-shrimp operation in Sulawesi at Pinrang, South of Sulawesi in order to improve quality standard operational.



1. Retain traditional aquaculture practice.

To support small scales farmer for having traditional extensive farming that suitable for original nature condition and local community structure.

2. Create “people-to-people trading”.

To have linkage between producer and consumer in order to support each other as a Human Being.

3. Assure product quality . 

To develop sustainable trading, safe for producer and consumer as well as environmental friendly.



  1. Realize the environmental friendly industry.
  2. Create the mutually benefitable relationship between the producers and the consumers.
  3. Guarantee quality of our products.
  4. Realize the mutual Transparency in the whole process of our production.
  5. Fair price both for the producers and for the consumers.

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